As his artist name suggests, Kid Kasio has a deep appreciation for synth-pop music of the 1980’s.

He’s made it his mission to keep this sound of yesteryear alive and keep it true to its original roots. He’s never failed yet, in rolling out an exciting 80’s aesthetically steered video to complete the full package of nostalgia and he’s returning to conjuring up new retro envisaged flavours and moving pictures for the new single “Drive” (Some Kind Of Love).

I’m certain that it’s no coincidence that the title and the font for this track are in-keeping with the 80’s soundtrack inspired neo-crime flick “Drive”. It’s a nice little touch and shows the dedication to detail in which Kid Kasio is determined to ensure adds to the overall imagery and all encompassed artistic principles of his work.

I’m thinking this… back in the day, “Drive” (Some Kind Of Love) might have been A Flock Of Seagulls song. Being that, I can’t help but notice a strong resemblance to the new-wavey stylings of the strikingly memorable Liverpool band. The track in it’s visual element though, blurs the lines of early Duran Duran or Ultravox and a plethora more of 80’s bands.

Quintessentially Kid Kasio is taking us on a journey back in time. Nonetheless it’s suitably retro synth glowing and has a rather cool car featured in it.