Time to GAG hunty! As the sixth season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race peers its head around the corner, a former queen returns to the music scene with a visual for newly released single “Dressed To Kill“. Off her Billboard 200 charting debut album, PG-13, Sharon Needles delivers some fierce couture looks in partnership with Geoffrey Mac for her fourth music video since winning her season of TV’s best reality show competition.

As the visual opens up with a look at Needles male identity Aaron Coady, the true queen makes her grand entrance on the catwalk just as the track begins. Surrounded by paper bagged hostages, the artist works outfits from her newly released clothing line created out of black latex, animal fur and studs as she completely rocks dreadlocks and pink wigs in her psychotic runway show.

The new music video does a swell job at supporting “Dressed to Kill“, but stands strong on its own as a polished, incredibly unique fashion film from the mind of Needles herself. In terms of production, the Party City queen has definitely stepped up her game as the sharp and clean backdrop allows her to give the most important lip-sync of her life. “This isn’t a f***ing costume, this is a way of life“, she sings as black liquid goo spills on top of her flawless flesh.

Needles has been labeled as the future of drag on many occasions, does not follow in the footsteps of her traditional drag counterparts and the “Dressed To Kill” music video is just another step in the right direction for the artist to be taken seriously by the mainstream audience while still staying true to her dark, edgy and sadistic style of art.