Let’s just say eclectic Danish experimental pop artist Hannah Schneider made her impact on me a number of years ago at a time when Myspace triumphed with providing the lions share of online social media new music discoveries.

Reconnecting now with Hannah’s music some 5 years on is both a pleasure posting and an insightful one in engaging with Hannah’s bohemian input that sets a standard throughout new album “Red Lines”.

A nice taster of what is on offer from the album can be gleaned from the promotional video that has been put together for the indietronica album track “Dreaming Kind”. Whereupon, I might just add that Hannah is seen in some most fabulous frock choices as always, although I do worry that she might have actually put on the frothy grey dress back to front – since it is daring much!

There is such an organic aura to “Dreaming Kind”, it’s one that takes your mind off on a transcendental journey and plants it up above the clouds of aspiration and endeavour.

Furthermore, Hannah knows just what it is that flows together to make dreamily perfect alternatively viewed melodies, as it comes ready programmed through her direct family lifeline, which has connections within the Danish classical music community.

All experiences go in to make the prettiest of easy on the ear type melodies that Hannah is so adept in musicianship at taking from pen and paper to realised on studio recording.

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