Frida Sundemo 1

It is specifically with endearing intent that we lavish the terms of one of our new favourite Swedish pop pixies towards Frida Sundemo, being that the up and coming talent has caught hold of our attention on a number of occasions now since we were first introduced via “Indigo”.

Most recently Frida re-emerged onto the pop arena with a full EP release “Lit Up By Neon” to which we found ourselves suitably dazzled especially by the lead single “Drawn To You”.

Our exact words on it were “Beat driven and blissed out, spinning it’s cosmic disco intentions out unto another dimension”.

Newly released to go alongside this glorious synth pop morsel comes the video promo clip featuring Frida out for a morning power jog, only that’s not exactly the case, it’s more to do with the heavy featured theme of running to meet up with your destiny that is channelled through the lyrics.

There is something so sweet natured about this video. Mostly that it really doesn’t take anything away from the song at all.

Oh and another thing Frida sure does know how to impressively wear a fringe or bangs as the Americans will call it!