Robert DeLong

Holla all electronica freaks like us, the time is here to paint up your peachy skin with neon brite tribal art and rattle your game controllers in the air. As in amongst his numerous live performances to date, including an immensely well received SXSW showcase experience as attended by our founder Raj. Inventive electronic pioneer extraordinaire Robert DeLong has found time to rustle up some new material to temptingly, stimulate and invigorate our favourite hallowed genre of music making. In going forwards into his sophomore album campaign, revealed today as titled “In The Cards”.

Notably if there was any performance styled video that I’d be uberly so keen to see, it would totally be an up close gander at the master hands of Robert DeLong at work depressing the buttons of genius and flicking the switches of circuitry creativity that to us he is so beguiling the rad man of.

As luck would have it, as the news of the album arrives, it has lead directly into the album’s initial impact track of “Don’t Wait Up” and exhilaratingly for us, continues DeLong’s trend apace in delivering riveting pieces of electronica that leave us, quite enthralled to the max of all his creative ingenuity. From behind the controls of his electronic gadget amassed orchestra to the outwards immersive visual concept that Robert brings.

And do you know what I am already sending out a wish list to the universe for? ………. Some UK tour dates if you please Mr DeLong. I just HAVE to witness the creativity happening before my very own eyes, for myself. Gee I once at a concert and saw quite a well-respected pop singing musician, create a song from scratch, recording on spot & layering these samples via loop foot pedal and it blew my tiny mind to say the least. So to see Robert DeLong at work and performance, well I’d be rendered speechless at the wonder of it all, that’s as much I know!

If you were to ask us are we excited by the prospect of what this new album might bring? The answer would be a resounding YES on all accounts!

So what are you waiting for! The “In The Cards” album pre-order has landed and we can instantly get our itchy palms on “Don’t Wait Up”.