A month on from releasing “Hell I’m Betting On You” Sweden’s GRANT has dropped her sophomore EP “Vertigo.” When previously talking about the alt-pop artist. I noted her use of soul-baring lyrics and evoking a style of conscious music with integrity,which pushes the sonic envelope, in particular. The 4 track EP serves just that, delivering a diverse palette of musicality and songwriting. A mini body of work which is more complex or discerning, than just being an easy listen. The EP’s launch is heightened by the simultaneous release of “Don’t Recall Growing Old,” as a single.

Speaking about the song, GRANT reveals. “Don’t Recall Growing Old” is about breaking down the barriers you built up when you were young and idealistic – and had very, high demands and expectations on love and what it should be. Honest love is for grown-ups. I didn’t really, think I’d get there, but here we are”.

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The musical shift from the moody, abstract leanings of “Hell, I’m Betting On You” and the epic pop tailoring of “Don’t Recall Growing Old” couldn’t be more distinct. On the latter, GRANT delivers, classic high-end pop song-making. It’s a powerhouse track built from epic instrumentation, biting lyrics and powerhouse vocals. Yet reveals a pop sensibility that’s, undeniably of the moment. Once again the music video is directed by Zoë Que and is inspired by retro technology. A wall of flickering CRT screens is, broadcasting her own face as she sways between her feelings; of scrutinizing and assembling herself. GRANT was only brought to my attention a couple of months ago, but I am already of the firm opinion everything she commits herself to is carried out meticulously. She is a rare find, among pop circles, that’s for sure.

Connect with GRANT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GRANTofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/grantissoindie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grantissoindie/

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