Isla Rose, an American singer-songwriter based in London, has recently unleashed her latest pop masterpiece, “Don’t Mess Around Honey.” This track goes beyond the ordinary with its cinematic music style and the addition of an orchestral arrangement. Isla’s composition is so infectious that it’s nearly impossible to resist joining in and singing along the instant the chorus kicks in.

The track provides a compelling introduction to Isla’s diverse musical style. In “Don’t Mess Around Honey,” she skillfully blends danceable alt-pop with her deep Southern-accented vocal, drawing inspiration from Lana Del Rey and electronic dance music. By fusing contrasting music styles and drawing from her experiences in Mississippi and London, Isla presents a captivating and unique sound.

Commenting on the song, Isla says: “‘Don’t Mess Around Honey’ emerged from the depths of heartbreak, but it’s far from a pity party. It’s punchy, fiery, and a bold statement of self-assurance – shaking off that cheating ex and embracing empowerment.”

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This track is truly delightful. It exudes a genuine, unadulterated vibe of danceable alternative pop, steering clear of an overwhelming EDM influence. What’s more, the chorus is incredibly electrifying. I’ve been closely tuning into this song for the past few days, and it’s simply irresistible.

Isla’s exceptional vocal delivery in the dance-pop genre sets her apart from the crowd. Her ability to infuse emotion and character into her performance makes her a captivating artist. Considering these remarkable qualities, I am confident that she would bring a fresh and distinctive perspective to a collaboration with Clean Bandit, furthermore, making it a truly impressive musical endeavour.

With her sophomore EP “Pulse” set to make waves in 2024, Isla dives deeper into her life experiences. She explores themes of self-exploration, mental health, coming-of-age, and freedom. Drawing inspiration from electronic, alternative-rock and indie-pop, Isla composed a modern sound with hints of nostalgia from her southern blues background. With each melody, she weaves a captivating narrative that transcends boundaries. Moreover, inviting listeners to join her on an exhilarating musical journey.

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