I do like songs which embrace the current social climate but only if they are well managed and thought out. So often a song like this will be turned into either a power ballad or empowerment anthem, this is not the way with Lieza’s “Don’t Make Me Dance” as the Nashville based singer plumped for a mid-tempo pop charmer built around a spellbinding melody.

The track which was written with the #MetooMovement in mind and explores the issues surrounding an invasion of one’s personal space by an unwelcome intruder. With this song, Lieza hopes to inspire listeners to stand up for themselves in bad situations and find a strong sense of self-worth.

Firstly, I have to say, I really, enjoyed Lieza’s vocals on the track. I cannot pinpoint who it reminded me of, but, it sounded current and, I found the way in which she handed the vocals sweetly, alluring. The song has a combination of electronic and acoustic elements which, are gracefully handled, they seamlessly flow together in a delightfully dreamy manner. If we didn’t have a video to watch we would now all be conjuring up images of a prima ballerina performing a complex, but beautiful routine in our heads. However, we do have a prepared visual to enjoy which not only does a most fabulous job of conveying the song message well, it is actually, rather striking to watch and emotional.

I really, like the style of the video shoot it does feel very intimate, as though looking into the past and, the vocals seem to have an echo like quality, which for me just adds to the sense of overall prettiness and emotive presence. The song and video are each on their own merits powerfully beautiful yet, troubling in a way because the topic covered will resonate with far too many of us in varying degrees. “Don’t Make Me Dance” is going to stick with me for a while, as I lend my voice to the movement and say #MeToo

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