Drum ‘n’ bass within an EDM context can be a good thing, as powerhouses of the bass music scene Matrix & Futurebound have been proving so with their recent run of releases, the most current “Control” featuring Max Martin taking them inside the top 40 threshold of the charts.

The duo have an incomparable touch which is perceptively tuned to melding both EDM projected dance bombs amongst a frenetic framework supported of soaring drum ‘n’ bass rhythmic patter, that doesn’t present as overly intrusive but of timely justified dance re-intervention, and Matrix & Futurebound are masters of it.

Assisting them on their next future cut “Don’t Look Back” is the new and already noteworthy vocalist & songwriter to the Saturdays and co-writer of Will.I.Am and J-Lo’s mega hit “T.H.E. (Hardest Part Ever)Tanya Lacey. Which makes for another stellar coupling for the prestigious drum ‘n’ bass duo.

What results with “Don’t Look Back” is not your common all jutting dance pop hybrid, Matrix & Futurebound are careful to flesh it out with as much natural aptitude twinned with technical learned ability as they can offer. Turning this one out on a mass appealing level, by it’s all-embracing scope of epic coloured sound.

As the title suggests the narrative strength behind “Don’t Look Back” concentrates upon going all out for what you believe in and for what is important to you, which is depicted in the accompanying video via a club setting showcasing through to the electric moment of eyes meet across a crowded dance floor.

Boom! sparks fly, lips lock-in and tonsils play tennis all under a backdrop of laser light, while the world around stands still for a quick minute.