Melanie Martinez 2

Pop upstart and The Voice (USA 2012) contestant Melanie Martinez unveils her dark and brutally honest pop debut of “Dollhouse”.

In a tell all approach, that is as forthright and revealing as I’d imagine any tête-à-tête over coffee with Oprah would be, the cutie pie doll herself Melanie unravels the idyll of a picture perfect homelife with a jumpstart of dysfunctional realism that exists within this particular dollhouse’s pristine white façade. Outting her well dressed mother as drunk, her father as a philander and her brother as a Cannabis user.

Melanie doll herself exudes a wily brooding Del Rey like delivery and it is this Del Rey like glint in Melanie’s vocals that equally suits the off-kilter instinct of the track that is woven of an off-set pendulum back beat running into a spaced out dance beat.

Junior dolly Del Rey comes across as relatable to the teen model as the current Pure Heroine one Lorde, but there is always room for another and Melanie Martinez definitely just made herself one to keep a keen eye on with the darkly becoming “Dollhouse“.