Off the heels (all puns intended) of their last music offering, the sultry “Touch Me“, dance super group KAZAKY are treating fans to a music video in support of new single “Doesn’t Matter” featuring behind the scenes footage of the boys’ crazy adventures.

Set during live runway performances and vigorous dance practices, KAZAKY‘s new music video allows fans into the personal life of the boys in heels. “Doesn’t Matter” is a strong, pulsating dance track, similar to their past releases, but the production breakdowns here really make you want to move in your seat. “I’m born to be wild, I feel so free, your love doesn’t matter“, they sing seductively on the chorus, just before the beat completely takes over.

Ironically, you will be glued to your seat as the accompanying music video will keep your attention for the full three and a half minutes. Packed with a fierce attitude from the four boys, show-stopping runway strutting, and abs that go on for miles, the visual is one which compliments the group’s extensive, and probably tiring, touring schedule and career. From the sets of their own music videos to the runway of DSquared fashion shows, from the streets of Dallas to their goofy down time, it seems they have done it all.

Off their July effort I Like It Part 1, the new song and video keep pushing KAZAKY down the path of a complete dance takeover. “Doesn’t Matter” is an infectious, high energy effort which will please die hard fans or curious first timers. The new visual is fun, personal and worth a view… or twenty!