Am I the only person who didn’t know about John Duff yet?… I expect not, but after taking a look at the music video for the singer-songwriters latest release “Do It,” I think I am way overdue an introduction. The video popped as a suggestion while I was scrolling through my social media, it had an intriguing thumbnail which did its job of drawing me in to have a look. What can I say? I stuck around and then I stuck around some more. It soon got to the point that I really needed to know all I could find out about John Duff, super quick and proceeded to cram as much research in as my tea break time would allow.

John who hails from Baltimore is the epitome of resilience (which will help greatly when forging a music career as an independent artist.) I soon learned his story is massively inspiring. He’s had setbacks (a failed X Factor audition) and his own demons (alcohol) to address, but address these he has. I can’t help, but admire John’s determination to be out there doing his thing under his own, esteem. In fact, it just makes him all the more alluring to me. The music really is kinda good, but seriously the lyrics which are a mix between tongue-in-cheek and conveying social messages are my favourite bit of what John Duff is doing.

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Owing to its pop vibey nature I consider “Do It” as John Duff’s most EQ friendly release. The track speaks about being courageous, not allowing anyone to dull your shine and go with your dreams. Most of all it most important to do you.

I love the music video, it is full of fun even though it was filmed in lockdown/quarantine. It show’s John turning the most mundane of daily chores around by unabashedly being himself, while injecting a sense of enjoyment and entertainment into the equation. There’s a comment left on YouTube from a James Carrington, who said: “came for the speedo, stayed for the vocals”. Which pretty much says it all. I say John should be stoked that people are noticing him and loving the video as much as I am. But more importantly, also enjoying the music and recognising that John Duff is far more than the dude Paula Adbul once referred to as strange. John is not, John is the embodiment of what an independent music artist is. I’ll be keeping a watch out for him going forward, as he is quite interesting and owning it right now.

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