Elyar Fox

We lived pop newcomer Elyar Fox’s jangly mainstream pop candy through the YouTube and social network hype of his frothy pop creation “Colourblind” this summer.

The teen sensation now cuts through the buzz and the bedroom music studio uploads to make a bid as a bone fide teen pop star with official debut “Do It All Over Again”.

Yes Elyar looks as though he might comfortably fit into the McBusted line-up, such is his scampishly cute appearance but the debut “Do It All Over Again” definitely throbs with a pounding pop heartbeat behind it.

Plus that wah wah whoa whoa riff, is one to do it all over in playback of the mind, humming and whistling, infact, you’ll maybe just catch yourself trilling it out unexpectedly, not even aware that it’s embedded it’s potent pop melody into your memory.

With this debut display, quite expect Elyar Fox to slay the pop in 2014.