We’ve been stunned giddy enough these last 2 months by the hypno-bonanza of a lyric video that first went out to promote to Röyksopp and Robyn’s stand-out track from the said titled EP “Do It Again”.

So are we mighty glad that the collaborating trio have now seen fit to replace the woozying lyric video with a film clip by Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah entitled “Our Hearts’ Desires”, with the concept of revelry and revolution behind it’s being.

It is a video which pans through the surging wave of chaos that carries the dramatic flow of the motion picture through characterized moments built upon levels of pain, of hope and of escapism, in which the short film concludes with a sense of optimism reached through the overall tremors of struggle felt within each of the highlighted situations involved within the film clip.

We weren’t expecting a video depicting a rave, since that’s not hugely the styles considered of either Röyksopp or Robyn but what they have commissioned is both powerfully provocative and thought provoking on many levels.

The soundtrack just adds the right aspect of light upon the darker elements pursued within the subject matter of the visual.

Is it just me who is sat here perturbed and pondering what’s with the mullet Robyn? We think you are great gurlfriend but surely a renaissance come back isn’t on the cards for that much ridiculed haircut, oh please no, say it isn’t so!