With all the music I check out every day when choosing what to blog about. I am frequently left feeling as though, a disco is playing away inside my head. What’s more, I wouldn’t change a thing. However, when experiencing, somewhat similar noise-related symptoms, Angeline Armstrong, frontperson of on-the-rise Australian trio Telenova, thought exploring this concept would make for a good lyrical narrative. Thus the latest Telenova cinematic alt-pop release, “Discotheque inside My Head” has come to fruition.

“Sometimes all the noise and voices of my inner critic make me feel like I’m spinning around, lost in an overwhelming disco of light and sound inside my head. I’m discovering the key to living with that level of self-doubt and noise is learning to dance along with the discothèque,” Angeline comments.

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The concept not only evokes an intriguing story but also sparks a multitude of creative ideas for the visual representation of a music video. When capturing the cathartic essence of the song. Telenova’s Angeline Armstrong and co-director Hamish MacGregor fashioned a clip featuring quirky dance sequences by award-winning choreographer Zoee Marsh. Resulting in a refreshingly unique and captivating visual narrative.

In the clip, Angeline and Hamish transport us directly to a judge harshly critiquing a dance audition. In a quirky twist, Angeline plays both roles, dancer and judge. Thus in effect, Angeline states, “I’m literally being judged by myself (the inner critic made all too real)“.

The music video that premiered at the St Kilda Film Festival in June depicts competing dancers representing the voices of comparison and self-doubt in Angeline’s head. but me and the voices ultimately learn to dance happily ever after.Angeline affirms.

This band has experienced a whirlwind of activity lately. Everything is moving pretty rapidly. Having built up an impressive buzz in just a few releases, Telenova has emerged as a fast-rising band with a distinct alt-pop sound & style.

Following the release of their recent singles “Teardrop” and “Power.” The track “Discothèque Inside My Head” is the latest addition to Telenova’s debut album. The track is part of their European tour setlist this Autumn, which includes a must-see performance in London on October 1st.

PRE-ORDER debut album “Time Is A Flower” Here (out August 16th via Fiction Records)

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