After returning from my trip to Ireland. I’ve decided to forgo exhausting myself catching up on all the music releases I’ve missed this week. However, there’s one exception— I couldn’t resist sharing “Disco Witch,” the latest track from NYC-based dark-pop artist Lexxe. Before I’m ready to dive into all the new releases out today.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight that Lexxe has been featured on the blog before with her track “X” and as a collaborator on the Bentley Robles song “I Just Wanna Dance.” I am particularly eager to continue showing my support for Lexxe. This is because she is clearly an up-and-coming artist with a unique and captivating style that makes her artistry truly stand out.

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With a diverse background spanning various artistic disciplines, Lexxe has left a significant mark as a dancer and has equally impressed with her musical endeavours. Known for her distinctive and captivating synth-pop style, Lexxe’s music is swiftly gaining popularity. In her latest track, “Disco Witch,” Lexxe embarks on a mission to mesmerize her audience. Her goal is to reach out to troubled souls seeking solace and healing, using her enchanting synth-pop melodies and empowering, uplifting lyrics as a source of comfort and refuge.

When considering the timing of the release of “Disco Witch,” one might ponder whether the summer solstice. A time traditionally linked to spiritual awakening, could have provided a more auspicious moment. This period is often marked by the performance of ancient rites designed to ward off malicious forces and bring prosperity to romantic relationships. Notably, these themes somewhat appear to mirror the sentiments conveyed in the lyrics of Lexxe’s composition “Disco Witch.”

What LEXXE offers the music world is a distinctive blend of nostalgic vibes and fresh innovation. Her contributions stand as multiple achievements, showcasing her as an empowering and an alluring unconventional figure in the pop scene. I find her infusion of quirkiness into pop music refreshing, and her tracks immerse me in synth-pop dreams. It’s not too late to join in as the party is just beginning. And her new single “Disco Witch” reinforces LEXXE as an artist deserving of attention.

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