It seems all the girls from RuPaul’s Drag Race are stepping up their game. First, Willam and Detox topped the Billboard Comedy chart. Adore Delano’s debut effort jumped into the top half of the album charts, and now season two favorite Pandora Boxx is taking a darker and edgier turn with the release of her latest dance single, “Different“.

Set to an inescapable underground club beat, think Pet Shop Boys, Miss Boxx provides a sultry and slightly addictive message of inspiration to those who have ever felt like a freak or outcast. “Different” features the trademark drag spoken word verses of taking charge and embracing the differences that make one unique, but it is the artist’s infectious personality that pulls together this new effort.

We’re different that’s what people say, but different in what kind of way?,” Boxx sings on the track with clear ties to the dance, house and pop genres. Instead of a campy, not-so-serious release as we have seen from Boxx before, the Miss Congeniality winner provides empowering words and a slinky beat.

The accompanying music video for “Different” is another win for the former Drag Race contestant. With a face painted by the gods themselves, Boxx is shown in numerous extravagant, over-the-top couture outfits, one which resembles the essence of Ursula, the Sea Witch. The entire production is a crazy good time and one that embodies the underlying message of the new single.