I heaped praise on L Devine recently when the singer-songwriter unleashed the mixtape “Near Life Experience” Part One along with the resolutely pop single, Priorities“. Like most musicians and pop artists, Liv had to put her tour on hold at the beginning of the pandemic. Just when she was really building up a healthy following from being very active, performing live. This week she finally gets to embark on some tour dates, which would be brilliantly exciting if circumstances had been typical. That she is back on the road at the earliest opportunity after restrictions were lifted has got to be considered extra special, though. If celebrating the beginning of the tour was not enough for Liv. She dropped “Near Life Experience” Part Two by surprise. And, also delivered a delicious music video for the new mixtape track “Die On The Dancefloor“.

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About the track, L Devine explains, “I don’t think “Die On The Dancefloor” could have come at a more perfect time. It’s an ode to all the nights out we’ve missed out on over the past 18 months. I love the way, the song romanticizes a night out and makes it feel like an all or nothing, dramatic, and magical experience”.

Once again, on both two parts of the mixtape release. Devine’s lyrically driven alt-pop style, is on point with storytelling while, wholeheartedly poignant with realism. Albeit, we must acknowledge of “Die On The Dancefloor” much is said while the tongue is firmly in cheek. The truth is, Liv didn’t want to share a sweaty club dancefloor video with us. Because in that idea, there is nothing original. She could have opted to stir up some drama. Instead, in her latest video clip, we see her lying motionless on the dancefloor, surrounded by floral tributes with her hands folded across her chest. Maybe she is just mindfully conserving some energy for the tour instead, huh?

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