On Saturday. I woke up to find an email from the Australian singer Alfie Arcuri had winged its way into my inbox. This was quite an anomaly for a Saturday to be honest. Which is usually the day when all of the follow-up emails begin to file in. Alfie wrote in to tell me about the new music video for his latest track, “Devils Lips“, which had just been released. The clip directed by Tilly Robba, draws inspiration from the great iconic gay photographers of the eighties and nineties. So, has a particularly bold aesthetic and look running through it. While the singer’s current electro-pop creation follows themes of temptation and identity and of coming of age. I think you have already guessed. It is the epitome of an electroqueer.

The track. “Devils Lips” is lifted from the upcoming EP “Way up High“. (Set for release next year). Is a cheekier. Tongue-in-cheek offering from that he has shared with us before. (Tracks “Love Is Love” and “Same“). To keep the vibe wholly authentic. Alfie has proudly announced that he made this visual extravaganza comprised of an entire cast and crew from the LGBTIQ + community.

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Since covering him on the blog before. I have noticed how Alfie, (the first openly gay winner of The Voice Australia, 2016), uses his music not only to express himself. But also to help advocate for the LGBTIQ + community. Helped by director Tilly Robba. He successfully combines both these uses on “Devils Lips“. This time. To be a little less hard-hitting. He adds a dash of cheeky Aussie humour in also. Nothing as provocative. As ‘that’ peach scene from the movie “Call Me by Your Name“. (You all know the one. I am referring to). Peachy symbolism is incorporated in the clip, nonetheless and biblical referencing is also used. This visual is identifiable with a gay take on the garden of Eden. Where it is swapping out the apple for a peach. Yes. The guys wearing the peach hats look very silly. But the use of symbolism here. Means more.

“I just wanted to release something fun and light-hearted. Alfie explains. “I want to encourage everyone to take a bite of the ‘peach of life’, and immerse themselves in this visual fantasy. And to remind us of passion and temptation and our collective consciousness.”

…he says.

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