I am certainly getting to know about more and more bands and electronic pop artists from the Benelux these days. Because of the lovely peoples who have been sending their tips into me. This really pleases me because, as I feel sure I have mentioned before, my biggest impression of the music which comes from the Benelux countries is that in the majority it comes from high profile, producer/DJ, origins. Club titans like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Sidney Samson and Martin Garrix. I’ve always felt, that there had to be a lot more going on in the electronic music scene of these countries, than the obvious, big earning artists who have made an impression globally. Recently, I wrote about a really excellent Dutch duo CUT_, I am now following up with another duo from the Benelux, the Belgium band, SX formed by Stefanie Callebaut and Benjamin Desmet.

The duo’s lane falls within the alt-indie electronic-pop genre. Since forming in 2012, the band have released two albums, their third long player “Eros” will be released in November of this year. It’s true, music can stir your soul in so many ways and when I listen to SX upcoming album’s lead single “Designed/Desire” it heightens a burning excitement within me. The track is massively rhythmic, the underpinned, pounding bass line, hugely mesmerising. Elsewhere there is a scattering of haunting notes which breeze in and out of the melody, creating a lovely pulsing effect. The greatest thrill for me is the dynamics in Stefanie’s voice, how effortlessly she switches from soothing, sensual vibes to cutting the pace with ethereal reaching, tones. Don’t get me started on the key changes within the body of the melody, least to say I am such a fan and I think a detect a few shades of Bjork inspiration peeping through when the build of voice and melody hit peak crescendo.

Far from being just musically driven alone. Benjamin of the duo’s passion for film and 3D/visual arts and Stefanie’s interest in performing arts and fashion are put to good use when it comes to making, music videos and artwork for SX. The visual for the track “Designed/Desire” is slow moving and creates a deep, intense mood. The images we see are intimate, body to body contact. As best fits an erotic anthem for love and creation announcing an album titled “Eros.” (Referring to the god of universal, all-embracing love in ancient Greek mythology). This amazing duo is giving me goosebumps. They are moulding their own musical world and I think the way in which SX have begun building the album concept of “Eros” with “Designed/Desire” is especially, exciting, and stunning.

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