Although it may feel like it. Believe it or not, not everyone in pop is releasing bouncy summer anthems at the moment. While announcing the release of his debut album. Australian queer singer-songwriter TIN has simultaneously released the title track “Dear Matthew” as his latest original offering. The poignant ballad, “Dear Matthew” produced, mixed and mastered by Lostchild is also TIN’s first release of the year.

The track is somewhat of a departure from the euphoric and upbeat musically-styled efforts that were shared in TIN’s recent singles “Chasing Highs,” “Buzzed,” and “Serotonin.” Moreover, he has subsequently built to the release of a significant raw and vulnerable ballad. In this track, above TIN’s ever-present authentic approach, he emotes with his most achingly honest lyrics to date. “I ask myself. Would life be easier If I were fairer-skinned and tall? Would I be happy at all? he ponders. While further reflecting, “I had no say in this hand I was dealt, but I face it every day, chasing highs in hopes of change.” Furthermore, he is opening up about his experiences of being a person of colour in the gay community.

In addition, sharing a heartfelt statement, TIN reveals…

Dear Matthew” is an open letter to someone who I met several years ago and embodies what I feel gay men deem to be ‘conventionally attractive’. I found myself spiralling whenever I would come across his social media because I’d get consumed by the fact that I would never be that”.

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Similarly, a music video shot, directed and edited by Aiden Thomas, shows TIN alone and processing his thoughts. He is standing in an empty, dark room, bathed in a beam of light, streaming in from a large arched window. The quiet and expanse of space offers a place of sanctuary, to contemplate and promote healing.

Notably, TIN is deep-diving into his feelings in the hope those who have felt similarly invisible, will relate and furthermore, grow from these experiences.

“Of all the things I hate about myself, And I know it ain’t your fault. But I’ve been hurting for so long. Cos you’re so perfect. An Adonis. All the boys they look in awe. While I feel invisible.” He sings.

The album “Dear Matthew” produced by Lostchild is out now. The album deals with the highs and lows of TIN’s experiences of partying and chasing empty highs merely to fill a void. Most of the songs are TIN’s response to growing up feeling inadequate because of things that were out of his control.

Moreover, TIN excels, in delivering raw, authentic expression and, sincere heartfelt confessions, in “Dear Matthew” powerfully, advocating for healing and learning to self-love. Most significantly in this album release, TIN has come into his own.

Enjoy the video above as a taster and then listen to the album “Dear Matthew” HERE

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