As he promised us, Frankmusik has come through with a synthwave flavoured EP.

Day Break” concentrates heavily on a somewhat dreamier synth-pop presence, delivering cuts stretching into the sonically amplified realm. The EP as a whole offers a broader perspective on Frankmusik’s work as we’ve known it and to witness Vince mature and grow into this whilst, always showing such accomplishment as a singer/musician is just mark of the artiste he truly is.

It’s the title track “Day Break” that first sees some visual action, which amidst a throng of hazy synths follows the electronic pop maestro out for a walk on the sunny streets of San Francisco.

Taking in the full colour the city has to offer is enough to have anyone bubbling over with happy vibes, which in the case of Frankmusik manifests in some impromptu street dance moves. Even though he will have it that he can’t dance, we beg to differ in our opinion. It’s a super fun watch and we don’t mean that in any kind of mocking way, we quite prefer it that Vince is being himself. This makes us truly flash a flashy smile of sheer joy with him. Sure that’s what he set out to do anyways!