Hang The DJ

Queued up here is another of these mystery pop entities that are intent on keeping themselves to themselves, that is until they’ve whipped up some on-line buzz or gained some attractively favoured feedback upon their musical efforts.

Although the name might suggest so, I can unequivocally confirm that Hang The DJ has no direct involvement with the gladioli swinging, quiffed one Morrissey, but can drop word that this is indeed a production derived project that is coming out of a base in L.A.

By word of mouth alone, over the past few days the project has amassed a credible amount of views upon their video that accompanies the introductory track of “Dark Dark In The Night”, being that its quite amazing in it’s animated graphics is obviously a good enough guide as we know little else about Hang The DJ, to assess that these particular production types have on a whole lot of skill on their side.

As the project commented when mailing this over to me, “Dark Dark In The Night” is a little different. I would also add that it is all too super catchy also, especially so when the hypnotic dum-didi-dums backing vox kick in amongst the dark electro orientated dance vibe. I’m finding it absolutely all kinds of WOW to be perfectly honest.

Hang The DJ have also put this up as a:

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Dark Dark In The Night”

So don’t pass it up, scoop it up and if you feel you must pass on something, pass on the word about it!