Roxxpin 1

New EDM from Ireland takes an interesting form, evolved in the two life size baby beings of emerging duo Roxxpin.

Junior Fanta$tic and Kid Awe$ome cut an imposing look it has to be said, it’s all a bit like the Evian babies freakishly got siphoned through a Honey I Blew Up The Kid style growth machine that’s retained their baby-faced exteriors but rapidly matured their minds with the exposure of music porn.

This is an controversial choice of image that will again, challenge viewpoints on moral codes of sexuality representation through video promotions, but it will get them noticed no doubt about it.

The image is strong but more to the song to be honest “Dancing With The Lights Out” taps into a distinctively characteristic like EDM pattern that served Flo Rida’s mega dance floor stomper “Good Feeling” in chart wealth.

Already selected to appear as part of the movie soundtrack for “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby”, “Dancing With The Lights Out” has the music muscle alone to become a dance floor hit.