St. Lucia

Lest we forget the atmospherically Balearic leaning vibes of Jean-Philip Grobler’s synth-pop project St. Lucia, because Jean-Philip and band are back to reaching out with new material, after the well received debut long player “When The Night” which first came to notice back in 2012.

Even though the project may have had studio time away from the spotlight, it doesn’t appear to be straying too far away from its signature formula, and who could blame St. Lucia really when those lush layers of sunkissed beats brought with them a fair degree of popularity, for the newcomers.

As is now becoming the way of things, when it comes to what is considered to be a potentially big juicy release, St. Lucia’s new track “Dancing On Glass” first aired as a premiere on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show just recently.

The video however, doesn’t fit so well on the airwaves, so hurrah it’s gone straight to YouTube & Vevo!

It is whilst watching this humour filled video clip that we become fully aware of the meaning behind the lyrics, although one short look at this quirky visual might be mis-leading in arriving at the conclusion that it is seemingly oddball.

So let’s put you firmly in the picture of what “Dancing On Glass” is all about.

Which so happens to be the concept of people’s guilty pleasures and thus is a light-hearted look at each member of St. Lucia’s favoured pastimes /obsessions.

Well I hope this goes some way in explaining why Jean-Philip is dressed as human rubik cube (albeit coloured only in white), Patti is super obsessed about being in the band. Dustin likes a good going over with the tanning spray, Nicky is super fitness fit and Ross breaks into a sweat when he tracks down a new species of plant.

The “Dancing On Glass” analogy?…………. when you take you’re guilty pleasure a little too far.

OK I like the track. OK I love it!, but I take on board from it, all things are best served in moderation. Unless we’re talking right now of a double serving of hot chocolate fudge cake, that is.