Friends! I can sense spring is in the air, and I’d like you to know the change of the seasons is awakening beautiful feelings in me. When the seasons change, the mood around us similarly does so also. In my experience, I feel more energetic and uplifted when the daylight hours increase and the temperature starts to climb. This also means I start seeking different kinds of songs to listen to, to enhance this new mood. When I think of sunshine vibes, I can think of no one who does these better than the global superstar, producer, and DJ KYGO. You’ll be aware he is famous for his collaborations. KYGO’s next stop is dance-rock band DNCE, led by Joe Jonas.

Despite hailing from cold Norway, Kygo has been the leading global producer of tropical house music. Whereas, the band DNCE is synonymous with their 2015 hit single “Cake By The Ocean.” There have been no new releases from either recently. Their coming together on the track “Dancing Feet” marks their return to music.

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From the beginning, the song has Kygo’s sunkissed grooves. But DNCE infuses those grooves with their signature soul, funk, and dance. Whether you want to or not, this is a collaboration on a mission to make you move your body. I concede these beats are too funkalicious to resist.

Since they dropped a few teasers, it’s the video I most wanted to take a look at. The 80s are undoubtedly influential on this video, as I suspected. With the guys suited and booted in white suits. How did I not at once work out they are channelling the immensely-popular 80s American crime drama “Miami Vice“? I think Kygo looks at home in the line-up of DNCE. I don’t know maybe, they should think about making this link-up a semi-permanent thing for at least a little while. I think I would like to hear one or two more songs from this line-up, in any case. It is beyond doubt, giving everyone involved a new lease of life.

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