Probably my favourite DJ/Producer at the moment, Adrian Lux has just unveiled his new video for “Damaged” in which he pays homage to the skateboarding community – something very close to his heart.

From the press release:

As he gears up for his sophomore full-length album release on Ultra Music, Adrian Lux hooks up with director and former pro skateboarder Travis Kopach on the visuals for his new single “Damaged”. Adrian’s sun-dappled new music video follows a day in the life of a Brooklyn skate crew. The clip is an amalgamation of ridiculous manuals, kickflips, grinds and more feats of technical skating genius deserving of Adrian Lux’s killer anthem.

A skateboarder himself, Adrian explains his interest behind the music video:

“Skateboarding was one of my first real interests and I could feel a new world opening up.” He adds that “The two crafts of both skateboarding and electronic music have a lot more in common than one would think. There’s a strong feeling of movement, and it’s all about moving forward and trying new things, never to get stuck in old boring patterns.”