We have seen an incredible run of emerging Australian artists breaking through this year. What is most encouraging about this influx of Aussie talent is, for the most part, it’s the ladies who are taking charge. Over recent weeks, notables G Flip, BATTS, Haiku Hands and Fluir have already piqued interest here on EQ Music Blog. Another name to join in with the current Aussie pop explosion is the singer-songwriter, Jemma Siles. When it comes to debuting, her own material, “D.A.M.N.” Melbourne based Jemma is fresh out of the gate. She hasn’t sprung up out of now though, she regularly updates cover songs on YouTube and landed the vocal guest spot on the NERVO and Wolfpack track “Like Air.

Jemma certainly, is out to make an impression with “D.A.M.N.” as the track does not bow to trends. It is more the case she is cutting her own style. Splashing a sense of drama onto a music canvas which is essentially pop hearted while, taking influence from Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and George Maple. To add more emphasis to the edgy lyrics of the song “D.A.M.N.” is styled as an acronym the short form of, don’t approach me now. It refers to being given space to heal and gather up strength when coming out of hard times, or a breakup. While not an anthem, like so many other songs which cover similar themes in their lyrics. It is nonetheless, an empowering song with its lyrical message steeped in raw, genuine emotion.

They may not be so obvious, but the subtle edgy hooks of the song profoundly gleam with deep-seated intensity. A mood which effectively filters through to the accompanying visuals of this track. All in all, the track has its roots in pop but sounds unlike anything else you might hear blasting from a radio right now. It is a confident step forward for a newcomer, yet reveals the sound of an artist assuredly coming into their own.

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Twitter: @JemmaSiles