Is it just me who has noticed that the high street shops changed their summer window displays, like overnight? On my shopping trip yesterday, I barely saw a short sleeve shirt or a pair of shorts anywhere. Whereas the shopping retailers may have decided, summer 2022 is over with already, with their neatly arranged displays of pumpkins, and spooky-themed paraphernalia mixed with Christmas treats and fairy lights. The word from Austin-based electro-pop group MIDDLESPOON says otherwise. The brainchild and passion project of lead vocalist Alexander Beatz has a new track out,  “Crush On U,” the vibe of which still insists, that it is summertime.

As far as MIDDLESPOON is concerned, we are in crushella time. The transitionary period where summer fades to autumn. The last opportunity to do something about the cutie you are crazy about, dream of. Are, infatuated with since first setting eyes upon them. At the beach, in the classroom, at the high school football game. (Whichever applies).

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“This song is about that nostalgic touch, that classic summertime feeling, the moment on the dancefloor when everyone else disappears except you and the one you’re crushin’ on. Pop-Disco, R&B and house, we wrote the track as a homage to our favorite tunes that move your body as well as your heart.” Alexander Beatz, MIDDLESPOON

When making music videos, MIDDLESPOON believes in going the extra mile. Everything needs to be larger than life and super colourful. Cotton candy on a stick, snow cones, cans of soda pop, and Colgate smiles aplenty. These are some of the finer detail which helps to bring together the summer aesthetic in the Jacob Weber-directed visual.

In the clip, our eyes are met with a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours. I care to presume without the need of a raincloud to first pass overhead. Owing to MIDDLESPOON’s sunny disposition this leads me to assume. Cuteness and sunshine came bottled and in vast supply when the filming day came, on this one.

In my parting words to urge you to take a look at this colourful, fun clip. A watch of MIDDLESPOON and friends living their best lives is a vibe so infectious without a second thought you’ll also be living your life through watching these shiny happy people doing their thing. Do better! Just a thought I had… pop the track on a playlist and take it to the beach with you this weekend. Where you can accordingly luxuriate in being laidback and carefree, why Dontcha?

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