I love a continuing music video series, do you enjoy them as well? LA based singer-songwriter Raissa is keeping us fed with audio and visual delights in the run-up to the release of her debut EP “HEROGIRL” (arriving early 2021.) Previously on the EP’s first teaser track “Go Fast Baby,” we saw Raissa avenging dark forces and properly, introduce us to her “HEROGIRL” character. For the follow-up release “Crowded” we are given a glimpse into a different side of HEROGIRL. It is Raissa struggling to reconcile a pattern of unrequited love in her life. “I always had all this love for others swelling in my heart, in my chest,” she says, and “I’m trying to understand why they didn’t love me back as much on this track.”

The track “Crowded” is made of the same sonic energy we heard on the singer’s earlier single “Angel Energy.” Tinged with melancholy and touches of the purest sweetness. Her character exhibits an air of sweet naivety like she’s too precious for this world, but we know beyond her adorable, facade she’s wiser than she appears. And, she is prepared to pull a rug from beneath the feet of those who try to fight her with their cruel intentions.

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To bring you up to speed. The visual concept which is followed in the “HEROGIRL” series, is heavily influenced by Raissa’s fascination with sci-fi and fantasy aesthetics. To be, exact the clip references the meteor scene in “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Raissa’s Florence Kosky directed video takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli films and is met with Anthony Schepperd’s ambient animation touches. (He also contributed to the “Go Fast Baby” music video.)

There is no booming pop hook in evidence. What this track is, is so dreamy. Listening to the lyrics, it is so not the stuff of dreams. A skilful blend of pop music to luxuriate in which is skewed into a darker trajectory by earnest storytelling. Raissa’s songs exude confidence, power, and also wafts of innocence, and that is what makes her so alluring.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisraissa/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThisIsRaissa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisraissa/

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