Photo by Diana Luganski

The winter season is making itself known right now. There’s a crispness suspended in the air and the chill factor is sliding along the scale-o-meter of cool.

Much as the summer sun brought with it big bouncy, electronic pop songs, a change is evident as we reach fall and icy tunes begin to make an appearance on the pop landscape. Not that they don’t figure all year round, but this is when a rise in Scandinavian pop acts begin to push to through with the kind of electronic music they really can be seen to specialize in. Intoxicating artistry, glistening beats to the greater extent and diversified sound-platters of creative content.

Like the duo of Femme En Fourrure from Finland, who first began teetering on the edge of left-of-field pop with their early offerings of ambient, experimental musicianship. Proving its worth as being a great place to grow from, these Fins have over time tweaked in shards of glittery strewn melodies peeking out beyond their enigmatic personas to be striving forwards whilst, still retaining all the immediacy of their core futuristic thinking, artistic make-up.

What we are getting with Femme En Fourrure these days is nothing short of an escapist disco disposition of which they are continuing to drip feed us eerie song titles along the way, with the latest in a succession of unworldly terms used, being the freakishly alluring “Creepers”.

What we know of the boffins behind Femme En Fourrure continues to be very little, but happen the music maybe speaks out on their behalf. In the case of “Creepers” it’s about listening in to your inner self and unleashing your free-spirit. Well we don’t necessarily have to get tanked up on lemonadies to get in that zone. A head full of fragilely beautiful arrangements tied in with alternatively glinting lyrics such as these are all the incentives we need.