Returning from my summer holiday, last week. I have not only been on a mission to get back on top of our pile of music submissions. But also check the interweb. Should I have missed something of major music significance happening while away. While combing through my favourite leads online. I noticed the American-French multi-talent Uffie had resurfaced from a period of radio silence. With a track titled “Cool“. Announcing the beginning of a new era of music from her.

I know a little of her early breakout period. Being wholly original and innovative. Her most recent reappearances. Guesting with Galantis and also Charli XCX. A project collaboration with the British visual artist Jam Sutton, not so much. Although FACT. In the EQ Music Blog archive. There is an interesting, and informative interview with Jam Sutton conducted by Raj. (First published in 2011). READ IT HERE and learn more about Jam Sutton’s digital music art.

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Stepping back with the solo recording “Cool“. Uffie shows us, that even though we haven’t seen her in a while. She hasn’t lost the desire for creative edginess. “Cool” being, a charismatic. Off-kilter offering. Hemmed with off-centre beats, and Uffie’s wistfully breezy vocal. She laments on feelings of brokeness. Where she discusses, co-dependency “in an emotionally detached whirlwind of a relationship“.

“For me, a lifestyle of excess left me naive. Thinking there must be something deeper there. When I paused in the eye of the storm to look around. I realized it was all rooted in toxicity. Sometimes you decide to walk away. Others you just say “cool” and close your eyes”. She says.

The song lyrics are very descriptive of this situation. Whereas, the music video. Sees her seek respite from the soul-searching and darkness. In the Mynxii White directed visual clip. We see Uffie, step away from the dark spots to enjoy (as best she can) some sweeter moments. Described in the track narrative as, “Temporary love. Pockets full of fun. Life’s a disco.”

Easily, makes “Cool” by Uffie. The darkest alt-pop disco track… ever.

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