The debut album from BANOFFEE, “Look At Us Now Dad” arrives on Friday, leaving the Australian pop artist just the right amount of time to lead us to the release by way of gleaming, final lead-in track “Contagious.” As BANOFFEE puts it when speaking about her album.

“Each track is about a struggle, and achievement that anyone could experience, the ones that seem so trivial. We’re all survivors for one reason or another.”

In, prelude, to the forthcoming album release, it has been the BANOFFEE track “Count On You” which caught my attention and drew me in. I loved the vibe of shimmering synths met with indie-pop styling, teamed with the singer’s mesmeric vocals. Slight edginess like this sits well with me as I like to feel the vibrancy of what some songs might sound like when performed live. I really thought BANOFFEE captured this is in the right way on this track. “Contagious” breaks somewhat different ground for the singer-songwriter and producer. Sonically lush in style, layered up with bubbling synths. The track is tender in comparison to the two previously revealed tracks from “Look At Us Now Dad.”

“The video is about loneliness and the feelings of ostracisation that arise when your issues seem too much for the world to handle.” BANOFFEE explains, while further commenting, “I wanted the video to evoke a sense of longing, and eeriness like everyone has gone home, fed up with the things I still need and crave.”

Notice she is dressed in a wedding dress. The meaning behind this curious fashion statement is that we are seeing her, totally prepared to give herself up to something. In the lyrics of the song, we hear her sing “If you want space, I’ll give you all I’ve got, think I’m contagious with something you don’t want.” This is very direct of BANOFFEE and also reveals a more vulnerable side to her music. Whether being tender or giving us something to jump up and dance around to BANOFFEE is committed, to excite music fans with her dynamism and innate grasp of contemporary pop.

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