To begin with, I have a question for our readers. I would like to know, what helps you to stay strong, when life is a lot. (Pretty much how things are at the moment). Whatever it is that helps you get through difficult times. I hope the idea of turning to music as a source of comfort is something that many of us choose to take advantage of. Therefore, in seeking escapism, if soothing synth-pop is the ultimate way you retreat and find inner peace. I have good news. After I teased the release of “Near Miss” and “Something Real“, on the blog, the debut album “The Words” by Liz Cass is now out.

Speaking about the album Liz comments, “When I think about the journey of writing “The Words“, I feel all kinds of emotions and it feels quite surreal that it is now out in the world. I didn’t start out with the intention of writing an album. I didn’t even know if I was capable of that. The writing sessions with Ed Graves at Rainbow Wood Studios in Bath became my sanctuary and escape”.

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Similarly, in these despondent news days, filled with gloom and blah. I tune in for a listening session of “The Words” when I wish to seek out a bit of peacefulness and solace for myself. What is more? This experience significantly helps me with restoring a sense of calm and rationality above all else. Since it is moreover her, impressive evocative voice. That when twinned with soft synths and warm melodies that creates a sonic experience and makes for a powerful form of self-healing.

The album opener, the track “Confessional,” sets out her intent with “The Words“. Following In a similar fashion. The video for this song directed by Oliver Cox, is a clip depicting Liz letting go of demons since she is…

 “feeling brave enough to be honest and show all of myself warts and all.” 

Musically drawing comparisons with Kate Bush and Foxes. The album “The Words” demonstrates Liz Cass as one of the most promising intelligent pop acts to break through this year.

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