To be honest, I haven’t deemed Taylor Grey, EQ Music Blog-worthy before. Although a talented vocalist, I sensed the American songstress was growing into her style. I feel it now would be wrong of me not to mention Taylor’s sudden foray into electronic-pop. In terms of broadening her sound, becoming more pop, feels like the most natural progression for her. And she’s certainly gained a lot of new influence, having done a ton-load of touring recently with chart-storming acts like The Vamps and Why Don’t We.

The self-penned song “Complic8ed” showcases Taylor’s strong songwriting skills. More than that, the release helps to solidify her rising pop-starlet, status. Without a doubt, on the track, she is diving in with her brightest melody ever. And, while sweet and danceable, the effort is merely sprinkled with a drizzle of honey foregoing the full sugar-coated treatment, work out. If you are looking to satisfy a craving for pop, melody and harmony, “Complic8ed” covers all three facets. Amid all of the brightness and energy which is emitted, it is Taylor’s uplifting, bombshell voice which nabs the starring role.

Shedding some insight on the new release, Taylor shares,
Complic8ed” is the response for that all too common of a statement, ‘I don’t want to make things complicated,’ but sometimes, you DO want to make things complicated, you want to give a forbidden/unknown love a chance.”

You know I hadn’t marked Taylor Grey down as being this much of a risk-taker. It has to be said, she is sounding good on venturing into new a territory on a musical footing. She extends her newfound adventurous streak into the “Complic8ed” music video. Inspired after watching Netflix’s show The End of the F**king World, she pulls influence from the dark, comedy-drama. In events leading up to her wedding to her ‘perfect guy,’ we see her unpick and re-evaluate where her new life is headed. The clip leaves us with a big question mark hanging over whether we will be served up a fairytale ending, with the happy couple eventually driving off into the sunset together.

For me, this release is all about seeing Taylor Grey in a different light. The electronic-pop vibes of the track have definitely got me doing that.

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