I can’t help but love it when being introduced to an emerging electronic outfit, who prefer to do things a little off-centre from the norm. I have really loved discovering, the German duo ÄTNA, their recent releases “Ruining My Brain,” “Try” and newly unleashed track “Come To Me.” The music is dramatically inclined, touching on industrial and thrilling. ÄTNA are out in their own lane. They take a look at everyday situations and put a different spin on them. Some might regard them as being avant-garde. I find them fascinating and mentally stimulating.

This duo is slick, stylish, hyper-cool, and seem unafraid to dig right in, raising awareness around topics concerning social consciousness. A favourite avenue which they return to explore time and time again, typically finds them playing with gender roles deliberately, blurring and breaking down boundaries. The press release describes “Come To Me” as depicting ‘a confident woman’s attempts to persuade her partner to at last make an effort before disappearing once and for all.’ I can confirm, vocalist Inéz, definitely has an extraordinary presence both in expressive performance style and in her alluring, distinctive voice. There are physical likeness and tonality within her voice, which are bound to immediately, draw comparisons to Sigrid. At least, I feel in some strange music universe, Inéz would suit the role as an alt-pop cousin.

The track plays along a continual electronic loop. The pulsating rhythm possesses mesmerising qualities. Those lesser skilled with on-repeat phrasing, wouldn’t manage the results ÄTNA achieve. They cleverly break the looping cycle of monotony, enabling the familiar motif to more suitably act as a boredom breaker. The music video is equally engaging. We see bandmate Demian try out as many modes of transport as he can fit into the three minutes worth of video footage. Visually this is far more compelling than it sounds.

ÄTNA’s debut album “Made By Desire” is poised to arrive February 2020. Be ready, become acquainted with the duo now.

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