Chromeo 2

Photo: Tim Saccenti

Canadian electro-funk lords Chromeo reappear this New Year, in preview to their spring scheduled fourth studio album “White Women”, drafting in chillwave pioneer Toro y Moi for that extra stroke of coolness on their blissed out funk fresh new single “Come Alive”.

Strobing into the electro-funk mixture the boogie colour tones of the 70’s and 80’s discotheque, the duo plus one come over all Mannequin in aspect to the theme played out through the accompanying video.

Chromeo’s Dave 1 gets dumped on a date but his eyes are met by a pretty Miss from across from across the street who beckons him into a closed up store where the body perfect mannequins come to life. Toro y Moi plays the store cleaner as both of the funksters play at naughty hide and seek in the store backrooms with the wayward mannequins, but when the security guard finally seeks them out, hands up who are the real dummy’s?

Chromeo hit the tour trail this spring taking in a London date at the Roundhouse on June 6th.