Over time you might have seen that I’ve previously mentioned I rather like the musicianship of Fryars and you might have become aware as well that I have a growing appreciation for emerging singer/songwriter Rae Morris also, through my features here and here.

Can you now possibly imagine then how sublime it all is to have one top quality track containing the collaborated twosomes vocals panning off one another in a duet? Seriously this is quite breathtakingly wonderful albeit in the tracks emotively disparate lyrical tone.

The track in question, “Cold” provides the perfect environmental conditions for Rae’s expansively bracing and pure vocal performance met against Fryars cannily technically enhanced responses. It all ties in rather cleverly with the song theme depicting the poignant actuality of a love gone cold.

As the two are brought together in the video, it runs through with a visualisation centred around two armies, one in support of Rae, one in the backing of Fryars, as the two vocalists air out their icy indifferences to one another.

Quite honestly feel even more so, that Rae is going to drop one super fabulously strong debut album later this year, might even go so far to say that imagine it might do a London Grammar of excellence on us. Only time will tell, but remain sincerely hopeful in that statement.