Brooklyn Haley 4

I think we should maybe stop a minute and take a little look into this cute pop song from Texan teen super cutie Brooklyn Haley, as Brooklyn’s new release “Close To Where You Are” is a glossy upbeat melody driven burst of sunshine with a dance pop spring in its step. No wondering why really, as I inform you that it’s produced by a guy named Kizzo, who’s behind the club stomping force DJ Afrojack.

That’s just one bulletin point of information in a series of many that go on to illuminate that Brooklyn’s pop career is moving in prestigious circles. Another prominent point of note regarding the emerging pop cutie is that she’s working with Eddie Galan on her forthcoming album (the producer most notable for his work the ‘High School Music Soundtrack’)

Now that’s filled you in with the character of this track, time to jump into the myths and fairytales inspired video showing Brooklyn searching for her Prince Charming.

Wonder how many frogs Brooklyn will kiss until she finds him?