Ashley-Roberts-Clockwork-2014-1200x1200 (1)

While former Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger and Jessica Sutta have definitely impressed over the years, it’s blonde bombshell Ashley Roberts‘ turn to bask in the spotlight of a commendable pop solo career.

Roberts initially kicked off her solo efforts with the 2012 release of the decent “Yesterday“, then all was quiet on her end until the recent unveiling of “Clockwork“, her new single set to appear on an upcoming debut album later this year. The new pop ballad is a pleasant surprise since it definitely shows the improvement in the singer’s vocal abilities, providing a solid performance on a better-than-expected soaring pop ballad that should cause more people to take notice of her future endeavors.

Clockwork” is the typical, somber love song, as Roberts sings of a relationship that she keeps putting her energy into even though it has clearly run its course. “I love how you survive when you’re losing a fight, there’s no needs, no regrets, we don’t play to rewind,” she beautifully sings. The former Pussycat Doll is surrounded by a sea of strings and drums that all come together to create a much more memorable effort than her previous pop attempt.

The artsy accompanying music video showcases the destruction of a once happy relationship, and yes, there are clocks shown throughout. While things start off hot and strong, it all ends up going up in flames, literally. The video is a simple, dramatic companion piece with a bit of edge to support the proper soaring ballad.

You’ve got to love a pop ballad when done right!