I just can’t put my finger to the point of why Chvrches sophomore album “Every Open Eye” didn’t sit so well with me, as the album cannot be faulted for its searing use of synths!

Maybe it was more that I was hoping for expansion in the bands overall style, more in the way of use of dynamics and not just growth in their lyrical content. Quite honestly the extent debut album “The Bones Of What You Believe” was toured out, that the trio came back so soon with a follow-up offering was a somewhat admirable turn-around.

Chvrches commitment to the live performance circuit though, is on a scale of beyond dutiful. They are like workhorses and deserve every bit of acknowledgement which applauds their sterling efforts in the performance arena.

A short while ago the band released “Clearest Blue”, perhaps one of “Every Open Eye’s” more pivotally engaging tracks as the current single. Yet it’s taken a wee while longer for its promotional visual package partner to make it out the cutting room and onto digital platforms, since again it is the case that Chvrches are out and about globetrotting, setting down base inter-continentally and bringing their live shows to as many ears as they can.

We are well aware that Chvrches extend to more than Lauren Mayberry, yet band members Martin and Iain only commit to fleeting cameo roles in the fantastically presented video clip. We’re not entirely sure why Lauren has slipped on some armour to accessorize her lovely flowing evening dress, perhaps its simply Mayberry’s way of fending off evil spirits lurking about in that mystical forest she’s found herself lost in.