I don’t think there’s ever been any questioning doubt over of The Knocks command of filling out anthemic streams of production. JPatt and B-Roc have seamlessly filtered out many a remix x captivating nu-disco tunes a plenty during their career span thusfar.

Also it is quite becoming fact, that summer just wouldn’t be summer if there were not a shiny new The Knocks track to jumpstart our holiday themed playlists. Last year’s offering was met by “Modern Hearts” featuring St. Lucia, whilst this summer’s jam has seen the duo collaborate with the up-and-coming popsters Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru of Powers, of whom it has to be said know a thing or two themselves when it comes to delivering storming synth-pop arrangements. Rather like this one “Touch The World” which is a power stomping showstopper if ever I heard one.

In collaborating with The Knocks on this years sunshine assisted jam “Classic” we hear Crista Ru take the lead on vox where her performance does much too reinforce upon the timeless nature of the tracks profiled, feel good vibes.

Why stop here with the nostalgia when you can layer it on some more via a video!

Like a life simulated “The Sims” designed one, all broadcasting in glorious electronic arts styled vision replete with a poolside theme and featuring a lorra lorra partaking of drinkies. What a fan dabby great idea all that is! All the more fan dabby greater because that’s just what they did!

Do pour yourselves a Mojito and press play on this whenever the skies fall cloudy, “Classic” is pure summer in an instant. Guaranteed!