My electro-house producer baby aka Zedd has now released a colourful new video for his smash “Clarity” feat. Foxes and I can’t be any happier. “Clarity” is the third music video of the “Clarity” era which ended up as on #10 on my favourite albums of 2012 list. Yes, I do love very very much.

What I love about the song  is the chemistry between Foxes’ voice and Zedd’s electro-beats. Now on the video, you can even FEEL the chemistry between them running through you. Foxes gets to experience the ups and downs of a treacherous relationship on the video and it’s breathtakingly beautiful how it is brought to us with different, and amazing scenography.  

Am I the only one that gets a ticklish feeling when Foxes shouts ‘If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy, If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity’ ?  

It’s so good.

Get a piece of “Clarity” and buy the amazing album on iTunes below :

Clarity - Zedd