A new week is here already, so this means Cub Sport has unleashed the second anticipated track off of their “333” audio/visual trilogy. The latest reveal “City of Angels” comes straight on the back of shimmering, emotively strung effort “Hearts In Halves.” Believe it or not, with the exception of their recent collaboration featuring Darren HayesI Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life.” Notably, the new track is smoother, dreamier, silkier than the Brisbane outfit has been in a hot minute.

The track is restful, relaxed and plays, easy on the ear. Tim’s hushed almost whispered vocals, delicately encourages us to retune in with the Cubbies. For a little, uncluttering our minds and tune out with the tensions, our day-to-day lives are built of.

“I wrote this song with Golden Vessel on Boxing Day last year. It captures a moment of tranquillity and inner peace. It’s about reflecting, healing and growing. It’s a gentle acknowledgement of the connectedness of all living things. The vid is a glowy celebration of suburban Brisbane made with true angel Jennifer Embleton.” Says Tim Nelson via Instagram

Tim also said, “333 is made up of three songs that fit together to conjure a feeling of deep and healing euphoria.” With “City of Angels” I am definitely left with the feeling of soothing, calm feeding my soul. In twofold strengths, because of a) the tracks soft sonic palette and b) of the vocals mellifluent touches. While, in the video, the real-life couple, of Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield, appear laidback, enjoying quality time and sharing each others company. These two, know-how to chill out with style, whether perched on top of a car or kicking back on the dance floor of their favourite night club (as previously seen for the “Hearts In Halves” visual.)

Staying true to the music’s soothing landscape, the lucid visuals, perfectly fit alongside Tim’s mesmerising, vocals. And, despite, the tracks gentle disposition, because of elegance touches, the graceful groover, still leaves a beautiful, lasting impression.

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