Heydaze 1

You know there must be something promising about you, when some suit types have sat up, listened to you and subsequently advised that you change your name.

A) It means you’ve been noticed and B) You are more likely than not considered to be onto to something good

I have to be honest, both of which haven’t been pulled into question by myself at any point, where The Heydaze (formerly Hey Day) are concerned.

All leads from former buzz tracks “Little Bandit” and most recently that of “Adderall” have fired off highly infectious melodies that burrow themselves directly into the brain all within a quick minute, and newie “City Girl” is of no difference.

Nothing pretentious just another dose of slightly lyrically quirky and catchy pure pop goodness from The Heydaze, which since at present the bands current status is unsigned they are throwing out there as another free download.

Tell us already that someone is waiting ready to throw The Heydaze a line and take them to the next level of radio play where their pop/rock tunes are suited, as if any one of the three cuts in question should be in the position to do this, it is “City Girl” that carries the most promise to do so.