Well now, it was that newly envisaged indie-pop artist Jennifer Davies was on a promise to promote each of the five tracks that go to make up her current sampler EP “Lapse Of Time” with a visual to call their own.

Since, we first noted a few weeks ago that the emerging femme of fiercely cool alt-pop has sought to step right back in the kind of direction delivered of her former Soft Toy Emergency days, and in doing so Jennifer has already set free her inner Madonna in a “Ray of Light” visual rush of time lapse dizziness, for the EP’s title track.

Progressing from the jaggedy pop introduction, we now move to concentrate on the synth dappled, indie-tronic endowed, spiky anthem “Choke”. This is one that flows with a modernist oversight of new-wave anarchy in its underbelly as it bleeds out Jennifer’s frothier pop vocals in partnership of the narrative content recalled of, reflection of bittersweet moments brought on by a break-down of a relationship.

In bringing “Choke” to life, we sense the feeling of abandonment, through Jennifer’s choice of going out into the wild and raggedy, remote location of the Isle Of Skye to air her grievances and hair whip her worries away.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “LAPSE OF TIME” EP available at www.jenniferdavies.co.uk