Not in a big-headed way. I like to think I have a pretty good knowledge of the last four decades of pop. I had to track down the Sade track “Cherish the Day” for a listen before sharing my thoughts about a new cover of the song from NYC vocal maven Javi. Sade wasn’t someone I tuned into out of choice when I was in my teens. Their dreamy, soulful brand of pop didn’t resonate with me at the time. Since I am now entering my mid-life years. I have more of an appreciation for soothing kinds of music like this.

From the 80s, I recall Sade having hits like “Smooth Operator,” “Your Love Is King,” and “The Sweetest Taboo” from albums “Diamond Life” and “Promise.” Sade’s pop music of the era was in a lane of its own and stood out from other pop songs of the day.

Cherish the Day‘ is a single from the band’s fourth album “Love Deluxe,” released in 1992. Although the singer is most commonly recognised by the name Sade. Sade isn’t a solo artist, as many people still assume it’s the name of the band led by Helen Folasade Adu.

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Therefore, with the music and vocal being so unique and distinctive, what does Javi bring to this update on “Cherish the Day?”. He bathes the song in his own unique style of dreaminess. His slick voice takes charge with effortless ease in the song. Masterfully, he retains the emotive and evocative soundscape of the original. His vocal runs and high reaching falsetto notes are both excellent and things of beauty to behold.

Javi has put his own stamp on the track, completely. Thanks to Raj, I learned about this cover version. It is not something I would have listened to if not prompted by someone for who I have massive respect for their music tastes. Javi’s vocal control and command of the song blew me away at first, even though I was a tentative listener. He has a well-tuned set of pipes. Regardless, of whether you enjoy a soothing listen to Sade or not, you should take note of him. His voice is as gorgeous as melting chocolate sensations, and you will (I promise) soon become addicted.

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