By jove here’s a track to really get absorbed into.

Irish / French brothers Marc and Pierre O’Reilly are a successful artistic twosome in their chosen individual fields of folk-blues and film composition, now paired together as duo R they take their creativity down an alternative electro pop avenue.

Fittingly, debut single “Change” denotes a change in direction for both siblings, from title upwards the track oscillates with subtle atmospheric layering, soothing vocals and an overall warming feeling that permeates with an engulfing effect of halcyon calm.

Personally I find tracks like this that are created almost of atmospheric sound sculptures and that expose electronic structure in this way, to be some of the most intriguing and sensually captivating, to which I believe would only be taken on by those with a consummate knowledge of composition.

I’m rather taken by “Change”, it delivers a mesmerising first glimpse from the duo of opulent dark promise.