Photo: Laura Harvey

As well as finding themselves hotly tipped by many, along with being served a feature of recognition or two here on EQ already. London synth-pop trio SYKES are keen to visually illuminate their latest indie pulsating release “Chances” with a video treatment which compliments the tracks upbeat and optimistic nature.

Fresh from recently taking to the stage at CMJ, the band touch-down into full promotion mode with regard to “Chances”. A track which readily implements a definite tone of 80’s allure, panned in cinematic scape by the masterful keyed elements that make up the engaging strokes of linear arranged melody. All acting in its part to showcase the full effect of Julia’s dreamily shaped Ellie Goulding breathy-cum-purposeful stylised vox.

Chances” beats out a centrifugal narrative concerned of going out on-a-limb and seizing the moment to your best advantage. Where risks are worth entering into if you might seek to some sort of impact. A rule of note that comes best advised to any aspiring new music artists in pursuit of fulfilling their dreams / end goals.

Translating this account of carpe-diem stance into video SYKES have enlisted assistance from the balletboyz dance company (who’ve previously collaborated with Keaton Henson) revolving around performances from dancers Edward Pearce & Marc Galvez.

Nothing speaks of determination so plainly, as male ballet dancers lauding it about and holdalls stuffed of cold hard cash to evoke a storyline of dark circumstantial intrigue.