OMG, Bishop Briggs has always been the grittiest kind pop artist. One who is admirably assertive in her approach to music-making. A lady who freely speaks her mind so that we hear all she has to say with clarity. We felt her command and ballsiness at first hand when our Raj popped by Antones. While taking in her blistering, Capital One House showcase at SXSW, this March. He noted, Bishop totally, had the upper hand, through every minute. We got to experience just a snapshot of this formidable talent conveyed in the clip, he filed in.

Bishop appears stronger still for having shaved her head. It is like she has unleashed every drop of kickass attitude that is surging in her veins. Furthermore, she is ready to take us to another level in per pop game with new track “Champion“. Ding, ding. A statement which rings true, when thinking about the singer. The song, written with K Flay is an empowering anthem. Replete with a thundering chorus which is a match in stature to head-bobbing banger “home” by morgxn. The lyrics of the song, are raw and honest they cut above all else. Punching weight like Nicola Adams, first winning female, Olympian of boxing. Similarly, Bishop throws a mean right hook of her own, which we get to see in the gripping, action-packed video.

Champion” is a song that I wrote when my self-esteem was at an all-time low. As a woman, I feel like I have been socially trained to be so many things at once – sexy yet sweet, confident yet humble, independent yet submissive, smart but not too smart – the list is never-ending. Writing this song helped me look at the question – what if I could just be myself? What if there was a world where my vulnerability was what made me powerful? What if there was a day I could proudly, without hesitation, look in the mirror and say, “I AM A CHAMPION”, purely because I’m choosing to be myself? “Champion” is about accepting yourself today, as you are.” – Bishop Briggs

Think you will agree. Those are some truly inspiring words to end the week, on.

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